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Are you tired of relying on shortcuts in the kitchen? Have you been searching for ways to step up your cooking game? Then today is your lucky day! Recently, a u/IWTTYAS asked the home cooks of the r/Cooking community to share their inherited cooking tips, and the results absolutely blew us away. Here are the must-have kitchen secrets that you won’t want to overlook – They’ll transform your cooking style in no time!

1. Evenly Chop Onions for Smoother Sauces
Chop your onions evenly for vastly improved sauces. When the size of the pieces are even, the cooking process is more consistent, resulting in a smoother texture and taste.

2. Quickly Peel a Hard-Boiled Egg
If you want a hard-boiled egg cooked perfectly yet need it peeled quickly, start with a teaspoon. Use the flat side of your spoon to lightly tap the top of the egg, then roll to crack around the circumference. This will make it easy to remove the shell with a few gentle taps.

3. Use the Lid Trick to Season Vegetables
If you’re looking for a way to season your vegetables without adding too much salt or oil, go for the lid trick. Put a lid over your pan while cooking the veggies and steam will help with the flavor and texture.

4. Don’t Drown Out the Taste of Herbs and Spices
Are you a fan of adding herbs and spices to your dishes? Then don’t forget to fry them before adding the other ingredients. It’s an essential step to ensure that all your hard work won’t be washed away by the juiciness of the dish.

5. Let Dishes Rest Before Serving
This is a critical but often overlooked tip. Let your dishes sit for a few minutes before you serve them, as this will help bring out the flavors and texture of your masterpiece.

6. Make Sure You Taste as You Go
Finally, make sure to taste as you go so you can adjust the ingredients and seasonings as needed. This is the best way to make sure your dish is as flavorful as possible.

These inherited cooking tips are worth their weight in gold! If you have any tips of your own to share, join the conversation in the comments below this post or through this anonymous form. Start transforming your food today!