20 Epicurious-Approved Meal Delivery Services & Kits for 2024

The açaí bowl, for example, is ready by the time your microwave timer goes off.

Revive Superfoods Delivers Delicious, Nutritious Meals Across the US
Are you feeling too busy to cook yourself a nutritious meal? Worry no more because Revive Superfoods has your back! Revive is a meal delivery provider that delivers nutrient-dense smoothies and other super savory offerings for breakfast and lunch throughout the United States (except for Alaska and Hawaii).

The Nutrient-Rich Revive Smoothies
Revive smoothies are made with premium plant-based ingredients that fuse together to provide your body with all the necessary nutrients it needs. It’s the perfect meal for those who are on the go, short on time but still want to feel their best. Every smoothie contains a variety of seeds, pea protein, and fruits and vegetables. Some of Revive’s most popular flavors include chocolate and banana overnight oats, coconut smoothie, falafel wrap, and a creamy green smoothie.

Revive Hot Meals – Easy to Prepare and Ready in Minutes
In addition to its smoothies, Revive also provides hot meals like oatmeal, burrito bowls, soups, desserts, and açai bowls. These meals come precooked, so you simply have to microwave for 4–5 minutes and you’re good to go!

Revive Superfoods – Achieve Your Wellness Goals Today
Are you ready to give your body the fuel it needs and start feeling your best? With Revive Superfoods’ wide selection of delicious, nutrient-rich meals, it’s never been easier to care for your well-being. Try a smoothie today and enjoy the taste and convenience of Revive meals!

Experience Nutrient-Packed Meals with Revive Superfoods Across the US
From smoothies to hot meals, Revive Superfoods makes it simple and delicious to nourish your body and achieve your wellness goals. With its premium ingredients, convenience, and variety of offerings, Revive is the perfect meal delivery kit to turn to for delicious meals that are sure to hit the spot. Try it today and take the guesswork out of cooking nutrient-dense meals!